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    Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:12 am
    Message by Sion Reaver - Jumped the Shark

    It's that moment when a show/thing/character gets completely derailed and such that its about impossible to come back from. The moment I'm talking about currently is with Adell, though its totally my fault. No matter how you slice it, its a messed up situation and not something Adell in character would do; which is basically take full advantage of a sleeping girl without their consent.

    This particular incarnation of Adell through my many others on other sites should have been retired a long time ago. When a character feels their story is over(at least on screen) and the creator does but continues anyway this sort of thing tends to happen. Pretty much the only reason I put them back was because Amanda.

    It's sad when a character reaches their end point of their story but when both characters and creators feel the same way its time to let them go. Just like while I miss Allen, Hildie, Teala and Joseph their stories are over and they earned their happy ending. I may do something with Kate one day though since her story hasn't really started but that's for another day.

    Anyway, I have a hard time playing this Adell now but I'm not sure what to do but open for suggestions and forcing myself wouldn't be any fun.

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