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Character Name: Hisame Shizumaru
Alias: Matrix
Apparent Age: early to mid 20's
Origin: Tokyo Japan
Race: Human (Japanese)
Height: 6'
Weight: 230 lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Known Relatives: none
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, Thieving Skills, Z-fighter training, Ki usage and manipulation, Master Swordsman, Master Marksman, Military Trained (Galactic Republic), Expert in Military Tactics and Strategy, Hunting/Survival skills, Domestic Skills  
Abilities: Matrix is a natural born Street Fighter it's in his soul the knowledge to fight  
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: He's self centered and an asshole. He can be a nice guy when you take the time to get to know him.
Powers: n/a
Restrictions: n/a
Special Techniques:
Matrix has left his special moves from his childhood behind. He now relies on his Z-Fighter Training.

Ki Blast; this is a relatively low powered blast of energy.

Machine Gun Blasts; This is an attack that uses Ki Blasts to the extreme multiple blasts at an accelerated rate.

Kamehameha Wave; This is a beam like attack and low powered as compared to others.

Special Beam Cannon; This is his Favorite attack. It is quite powerful and can tear through almost anything. However it takes time to charge.

Ki sense; this is used to sense others with a strong fighting spirit.

Ki Concealment; He uses this to hide his Ki from others, however those with a strong Ki sense can detect him.

Instant transmission; This is used to instantly transmit ones self from one location to another. this is limited by his Ki sense

Power charge; He uses this to charge his Ki hence making himself stronger. Thus he is able to attain his super levels.

Empower Body; he uses this to empower his body making himself stronger and able to increase his speed, fly and deliver devastating blows.

Solar flare: This is one of Matrix's defensive moves it temporarily blinds his opponent, if used right.

Spirit Bomb: (Not to be confused with SUPER spirit bomb. Though no where near as powerful as the SSB the concept is the same.

Trickle Charge: Even while idle and board off his A$$ he continues to slowly get stronger.

Power reserve: The more hits Matrix takes, the more power it 'Stored' for when he runs out of energy, then he can call upon his 'Stored' reserves of energy, making him stronger then before.

Fusion Dance: This allows Matrix and one more to fuse into one powerful warrior, by preforming a series of complicated moves. This fusion normally lasts for thirty minuets, the time lessens the stronger the Super Levels when fused.

Dual Matrix: This allows Matrix to make an Exact copy of himself. It has the same power level as Matrix because essentially, it IS Matrix.

Distructo Disk:This powerful move creates a whirling "Saw blade" That can cut through almost anything.

Super Techniques:

Hell Zone Grenade; this Move is his most powerful and devastating. Once hi immobilizes his opponent he surrounds them with balls of condensed energy and then he makes them collide causing all that energy to explode doing massive damage. this is his world killer move.
Super Forms:
Kai-O-Ken: This is matrix's first "super form" It's like a shot of Nitro He gets stronger and faster and generally more powerful than his normal form. This is the weakest of his Super forms.
Super 1; He looks relatively the same except his hair is a little wild and is light Blue
Super 2; His muscles are larger and his hair little more wild
Super 3; Now Matrix's hair is longer more wild and his brow is more feral
Super 4; Matrix is transformed, His hair is bright white and slicked back, his arms stomach and back are glowing white and everything else is gloss black. He is surrounded by a photo-negative aura and energy
Class: Z-Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items:
Multitask A.I. Super Gun, His broken family sword, G.L.I.T.C.H.
Phobias: Loosing those close to him again.
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Occupation: Z-Fighter
History: Matrix is a child hood friend of Will Galford, Descended from the Samurai Spirits he was a natural born fighter. He used to be a really nice kid even though he was homeless he always looked on the brighter side of things. Then He and Joined with the Z-Fighters. He began his training with Will and eventually he wanted to expand his training he bought a device called G.L.I.T.C.H. among other abilities the device allowed him to travel through different dimensions and universes. Well one fateful day the G.L.I.T.C.H. was damaged and lost the coordinates to his home universe. So he was lost in space and time. He had many adventures and met many people. The one that mattered to him most was a woman named AndrAia. He fell in love with her and planed to settle down with her when he made it home. For many years they traveled together and adventured together. That is until she was killed by a creature named Kid Buu. Matrix was devastated. He vowed to become stronger so as to one day find and avenge his loved one. But as life progressed he got older and stronger he wondered if he would ever be able to attain his vengeance. Finally he made it home. Still a vow, a life unfulfilled
Status: Alive

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