Chaos Devil Form

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Chaos Devil Form

Post by namey on Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:35 pm

Chaos Devil Form

The powerful dark deity of Chaos called Regina has decided to grant those who have been gifted with one of her gems an alternate form. They gain the following.



Unique Form: Each Chaos Devil Form is unique. They are taylored to each person's individual personality and can vary from minor changes to major changes.

Super Physical Stats: In CDF (Chaos Devil Form), they gain super physical stats 50x the weight of their CDF, big or small.

Super Healing: When in CDF, the user gains the ability to heal themselves at an accelerated rate. Cuts heal almost instantly and they Can regrow lost limbs, though it may take sometime.

Pyromancy: A Chaos Devil can make and control fire (color determined by personality) and they can create something as simple as a fireball, to a semi - sentient golelm of fire.

Resistances: When in CDF, the user gains Very high resistance to most forms of illness, afflictions, any ice based attacks as well as most forms of psychic powers.


Duration: Since CDF takes alot of energy to use, the length of which one can maintain it is about half an hour, with a cool down time of about the same.

Loss of Powers: Because CDF uses the same power as the gems do, once it's used up and is in cool down, the user loses all powers gifted from the gems for the length of cool down.

Forced Change: It IS possible to Force a change into CDF, when in cool down, but the change takes energy directly from the users life force and doesn't last as long.

Divine Weakness: If someone who's using CDF is struck with a weapon that's been blessed by a divine figure, the wound will heal normally.


The ones who qualify for Chaos Devil Form are - Cedrick Darkside (active), Anita Bernett (active), Monica Kenzy (inactive), Amanda Kronos (inactive), more pending approval.


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