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Will Galford

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Character Name: Will Galford
Apparent Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Weight: 213lbs
Physical Description: See Pic.
Known Relatives: Wendy Galford (sister), Matt Mitchells (adopted father) deceased
Race: Devine Human
Religion: Kami
Skills: Because of how long he's lived and how much he's traveled, Will knows a bit of most things.
Abilities: Will is a natural in the mastery of Iga style ninjitsu, it's in his soul the knowledge to fight.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Very good natured, Honest, A sucker for a pretty girl, Doesn't take things lighty and is sometimes over serious. Enjoys helping others out when they can't take care of themselves.
Powers: Can do some very cool things with energy and eletricity, immortality from the Dragonballs.
Restrictions: Can't really get too much energy into him without letting some go.
Weapons and Precious Items: A unbreakable ninja sword that always finds it's way back to him. Cypher, the prefered energy weapon of the Strider Ninja clan. A special Gauntlet made by Lee and Dino Smith that allows Will to travle through Space, Time and Dimension, also gives him info on other dimensions(unbreakable, will find way back to him.)
Super Levels:

Kai-O-Ken; A massive burst of energy that pumps up Will's speed, strength, attack and defense. Turns any aura that Will might have a crimson red. Will can add more power to this form.

Super Level 1; Will's hair goes more wild and turns a light red and a purple aura surounds him.

Super Level 2; Will's hair goes even more wild and gets slighty darker in red, his aura goes more fiery and eletricity starts to flow over his aura.

Super Level 3; Will's hair grows three times as long and goes even more wild and blood red, Will's face gets a more 'Primal' look to it, his aura is now in the shape of a sphear with eletricity surounding him.

Super Level 4; Will's arms, stomach and back are covered in dark metallic purple scales, his hair is even more wild then before, mid back and so dark red it looks black, his eyes are glowing eletric purple, his aura is eletric purple and has energy flowing over his body with it deflecting off his scales.
Special Moves:

Ki Blast; this is the basic low powered blast of energy.

Machine Gun Blasts; This is an attack that uses Ki Blasts to the extream, multiple blasts at an eccelerated rate.

Solar Flare: This a strong defensive move which, if used correctly, will blind an enemy for a short time. Depending on the enemy.

Lunar Flare; This is the counter to the Solar Flare attack. The main drawback is that it renders all blind within a set range.

Plasma Blade; This is the weakest Projectile. It cuts through most things in it's way, until it hits it's intended target, then it exploads. This is one of Will harder moves to learn.

Plasma Storm; This is a powerful beam of purple energy, fired like a 'Mesenko' attack, this attack also has the ability to stun whoever it hits.

Kamehameha Wave; This is a blue beam like attack and low powered as compared to others, but can have power added when used.

Plasma Cannon; This is Will more devistating attack. This is his 'System killer'. It's a purple 'Projectile' attack that gains power as it flies towards it's target.

Super Spirit Bomb; Will's 'Last Ditch' move. He gathers energy from every thing on the planet and sometimes from other sources as well, to form into a massive ball of energy. It takes time to gather energy for the Spirit Bomb.

Ki sence; this is used to sense others with a strong fighting spirit.

Trickle Charge; This allows Will to become stronger just by doing nothing.

Power Double; This alows Will to make an exact intangable copy of himself to confuse his enemies.

Multi Form; This allows Will to make as little as three or as many clones of himself as he needs.

Power Reserve; The more hits Will takes, the more power it 'Stored' for when he runs out of energy, then he can call upon his 'Stored' reserves of energy, making him stronger then before.

Fusion Dance; This allows Will and one more to fuse into one powerful warrior, by preforming a seires of complicated moves. This fusion normally lasts for thirty minuets, the time lessens the stronger the Super Levels when fused.

Ki Consealment; He uses this to hide his Ki from others, however those with a strong Ki sense can detect him.

Advanced Instant Transmission; This is used to instantly transmit ones self from one location to another. Unlike others, Will doesn't need to focus on any Ki energy.

Ki charge; He uses this to charge his Ki hence making himself stronger. Thus he is able to attain his super levels.

Empower Body; he uses this to empower his body making himself stronger and able to increase his speed, phsical defense, phsical attack and fly.
Phobias: Ghosts
Illnesses: The farther he is from Wendy, the weaker he becomes, the closer he is to Wendy, the stronger he becomes.
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Guardian of Earth/Kami
History: Will's story is way to long and way to hard to tell. But needless to say, he did ALOT of dimensional traveling and when he got back, one thing lead to another, but in the end Jason and Christine look up to him and hold him in very high regards. More like the father they never knew. One of these days, we'll get the whole story.
Status: Alive

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