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Post by Sion Reaver on Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:02 pm

Character Name: Gina Flores
Alias: Lioness Of The Frontier
Apparent Age: 28
Race: Alusarian
Height: 5'9
Weight: 143
Gender: Female
Physical Description:

Gina has long, black hair and purple eyes with a notable figure. Or more to the point:

Known Relatives:

Sophie Flores-mother

Samuel Flores-father

Jake Flores-old brother, deceased

Ellie Flores-Sister in law

Mya Flores-niece
Religion: None
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, cooking skills. Advanced survival skills. Skilled hand to hand, not a particular style but something of her own. Sewing, and well read in different history. Ship piloting. Z-fighter skills.
Abilities: Standard race ones
Alignment: Neutral Good

Gina is both a simple person on the surface, but more complicated when delved into deeper. She has rather simple desires while having a love for fighting and exploring. Her philosophy in parts is to take life as far as you can and be true to yourself; a strong contrast of her upbringing.

She's a lot more intelligent then given credit for at times and knows when to hit that switch. In terms of priorities it goes: Family, friends, fighting, food along with other interest she has taken up. Making clothes oddly enough or not is one of her passions.
Powers: See racial profile
Restrictions: Ditto
Special Techniques:

Empower body: Allows her to empower herself as well as fly.

Ki Shield: A generic energy shield, about as strong as she currently is but can't attack when its active.

Advanced Ki Sense: The ability to sense Ki energy, but hers is sharper and more advanced able to pick up things a average user of this technique can't.

Hide Ki: The ability to hide her energy, others can still sense it.

Ki Ball: standard ball of ki, can be charged.

Fusion Ball: The user powers up two orbs of ki. One blue, one green. she then combines them to make a giant red ball then he hurls it at his opponent.

Photon Blast: A straight forward beam, nothing hugely noteworthy as its more a generic energy beam blast, though it can be charged for more power.

Multi Form: Creates tangible copies of herself to be at more then once place at once. The draw back is the more there is out, the weaker herself and the clones are. She can have at most three at a time.

Ki Ring: Creates ring of Ki, useful for binding an opponent. They are only as strong as she currently is however.

Negative Arrows:  Arrows made of energy are launched at the opponent, upon getting stuck they can explode. They cause minor damage by themselves but can wrack up if hit by a lot.

After Image: Creates an after image in a burst of speed to confuse, or catch off guard opponents in the middle of fights.
Super Techniques: ---
Power Level: fourteen thousand
Super Forms: n/a
Class: Z-fighter
Weapons and Precious Items:

Her costume as seen in the picture she made herself, nothing special about it but far more durable then it looks capable(or rather comparable to) something that can take common normal bladed attacks. She also has some pictures, but really nothing special commonly.
Phobias: She has one, but you'll have to ask or find out.
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual
Occupation: Traveling warrior

Gina did not grow up on Alus but instead on another planet called Galea which ended up effecting her quite differently then where she would have if she had grown up on Alus. Instead she grew up in a 'noble like' family where she was expected to be a proper lady, expecting to carry out her duties and even get married to by a arranged marriage to keep the family line.

While she did learn from this, she always had a defiant, stubborn streak in her that didn't allow them to completely mold her as they wanted her to be. Fighting was frowned upon for her role, even though she did have a strong desire for the warrior path and exploring the stars instead of being stuck there.

Her brother was the only one who respected her desires as far as whatever she wanted to with her life and even taught her(limited) fighting after much head bashing with her parents. Though as she got older and more attractive, her parents thought it fit arrange her marriage with a man named Charles who was full of himself though very strong she couldn't stand.

Gina's brother died from a illness, and while she suspected foul play of some kind she couldn't ever prove it so it was something she had to live with. One of his last words was to live life as she saw fit and added with his death got her the courage to bargain for her freedom. She challenged her father, with the condition if she won, she be allowed to go free.

On paper she should of lost, her father being stronger but a combination of clever thinking and them vastly underestimating her managed to eek out a win. For all his faults, her father was a man of his word when it came to deals, so he stepped aside for Gina to take the future into her own hands. Her supposed arranged fiance Charles became more obsessed with her ironically when she became more independent and free spirited wanting to control it, which didn't endear him any further to say the least.

Since then she's been traveling and enjoying her time. Her goals in life were simple; live a full life as much as she could with adventure and pushing herself to become a better warrior along with the love of her family and friends.

It was simple, but it was her life and no one would take the ability of choice from her. Never again.
Status: Alive
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Looks good. ╛══╧╠╙┬┴.

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