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A Different Kind of Knight Empty A Different Kind of Knight

Post by Sion Reaver on Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:12 pm

It had been over  a year of Brandon Spencer being stuck in this new world that was in some ways similar but also very different from his native earth. It reminded him of some ways of things had been before the Chasm, and while there were meta humans running around, the average level of power was lower. There were no super heroes, save for that group all the way in Japan and Hunters were a organization that worked openly with the government instead of a bunch of factions in the shadows. Though to be fair, they had something else to deal with those with powers far as organizations went.

He had adjusted to the place for the most part and hadn't bothered putting on the armor so to speak; it wasn't his world so there wasn't a need for the Hell Knight. Brandon doubted they were needed with what he knew of how things were here. The hardest part was getting himself settled. There were other 'Brandon Spencers' as both names and surnames were common, only issue is if one looked exactly like himself.

It wasn't really the same with his old team not around and overall he felt incredibly out of place and he was at a loss of how to get home. Maybe those portals at Outworld may help but it was very unllikely.

Maybe you should consider joining that group in Japan?
Came the voice of Brazal in his head.

Not really my style, besides I don't plan on staying here forever
. Brandon had since gotten used

What we want, and what is feasible are different things Spencer.  Came the reply. The last time we bothered using our power was during the invasion with those creatures.

Maybe. But the less active we are the less attention we draw to ourselves. Besides, those two groups seem to have it handled[. Brandon got himself cleaned up as he headed out of his apartment for the day.

You don't believe that. This world could use a Hell Knight at least as long as we're here. Do as you wish Spencer, but even a alpha wolf will one day get devoured without a pack of its own. Since your own comrades aren't likely to find you, its time to consider the possibilities here.

It was again something to think about, but he and Brazal had this conversation multiple times now after a year though part of him kind of liked this more mundane life as a simple mechanic. He was correct though he should probably be more social though instead of not getting too attached because he didn't plan on staying if he could help it.

In the mean time there was a whole city to get something to eat.[/i]
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A Different Kind of Knight Empty Re: A Different Kind of Knight

Post by Sion Reaver on Sat May 04, 2019 11:23 am

There was one thing that was clear as time dragged on, and that ultimately that Brazal was right. Living like this was easier and didn't catch much attention much like back before he was changed, but he also knew he didn't feel the same. He enjoyed the peace and quite but there was part of him that still felt that call, so to speak. It was probably for that reason he still did interfere if something was going down and no one else was going to step up.

They found themselves a decent place to eat, a local hole in the wall for taco's since he was in the mood. He ordered something and waited; there weren't many people around.

'Before we were sent here, you recall the group's battle with the cult?'
Brazal said after a moment, interrupting his thoughts.

'Kinda hard not to. Something you getting at?' Brandon had taken in a small cafe to get something to eat.

'My memory is a bit better then yours, but think back together and perhaps then is a key detail or two we missed.'


It simply wasn't the Vagabond's group best day.

The mission in the bad lands had gotten a bit out of hand in the abandoned bad lands that no one bothered going unless they had to since the Chasm. If you didn't have to deal with the various creatures roaming about or the rivaling gangs and factions fighting for power outside the safety of city walls there was also cults. Pretty much all pathways and settlements were more dangerous on the outside but the bad lands were notorious.

The only reason the group was headed there was because they had good sources that one of the minor cults that had emerged, the Cult of Ozrin(AKA Circle of Ozrin) was trying to summon their supposed master of the same title. To make matters worse, their rivals Brothers of Lutmis were also supposedly in the same place.

Of course they had tried to talk city council and higher ups about it, but they had been dismissed saying they had bigger problems that required their attention. So annoyed, miffed but not too surprised it seemed it be once again up to their rag tag group when it came to things in this part of the world.


A Different Kind of Knight CN4qHZ9

So it was no surprise when the group found themselves in a not so great spot after arriving in their destination they had to go through a portal which lead to a small pocket realm where the two cults were ducking it out after trying to stop the other from summoning their respective masters. This worked to the Vagabonds advantage somewhat since the two groups attention were divided which made them easier picking.

Unfortunately their luck wasn't normally that good.

During the battle, they had managed to partially summon their supposed masters, The Circle of Ozrin, summoning well Ozrin which towered above the bleak place at fifty feet high. The other that had been summoned by the Brothers of Lutmis had summoned a very different kind of creature all together. It was some type of strange dragon, if asked by Brandon it almost looked like it was infected by a Xenomorph but otherwise wasn't much to say besides being huge. If Brandon

The good news? Both apparently hated each others guts as they seemed to know each other. So while the couple got reunited once more with each other once again, the Vagabonds spread out to try knock out the anchors before both could be summoned into this world at full strength.

A large three headed demon dog that had resemblance to a Cerberus kept a even pace with Brandon in his Hell Knight form flying about the crumbling realm. There was ground which to move about but not as much as he would of liked. Just above the three headed dog was a young woman who was flying on what appeared to be wings made of light.

Brandon noticed his companion, in this case the large demon dog slowing down a bit but he wasn't the only one as the young woman slowed down as well. "Stop. We need to check on Indra's wounds."

This got an annoyed growl from thirty feet long dog, but they did speak. "Lady Yulla, this is not the time. I can continue until the task is done. There isn't a need to delay things."

"And you're not used to anyone if you knock over." Yulla pointed out. "Please Indra, just a moment I promise."

Brandon decided to add his own two cents. "Normally. I'd be for pushing it for a time like this but not in this case. Give it a minute at most then we move out again. No more or less."

A internal debate went on in Indra's mind before a tired sigh came. "For a moment, no less." Their form seemed to glow a bit before it shrunk down into another woman who look battle worn and tired.

Yulla frowned a bit as she moved over to the other woman, her hands glowing as she began to work. "They must of had some special stuff to their attacks, you usually heal very rapidly."

"I..might of made some errors. Some of their attacks are more potent then I would have expected from the riff raff I remember. It seems they've improved.." Indra admittef grudgingly.

It was hard to tell in his Hell Knight form since it didn't have traditional facial features and such but if it did, Brandon would of been frowning. Things were bad if their local fourty feet long tank with four legs was slowing down already; they needed to end this quickly.

And thus, he said the magical words that always tempted fate.

"I have a idea."


And we know how That went.[/i]
'Indeed, but at least its important to remember how we got here all the same. On another note, perhaps you should consider leaving San Franciso if not satisfied here? Japan and New York perhaps?'

Brandon of course had to ask.[color=green] 'Why those two?'[/color]

His inner demon seemed amused. 'Because, Japan and New York for whatever reason seem to be the place where all the strange things regularly occur. I am still unsure as to why. Either way its to your own accord but I'd recommend New York; you did grow up there after all.'

The more he thought about it, going to one of those places Might not be a bad idea but he'd have to plan it out and not just up and leave. A good road trip did the mind good.

There was another reason his former group had been called the Vagabonds after all. Before they had each other they had all been wanderers of some sort.
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A Different Kind of Knight Empty Re: A Different Kind of Knight

Post by Sion Reaver on Fri May 17, 2019 8:25 pm

(As the saying goes, need to know when to fold them. Thread is done)
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A Different Kind of Knight Empty Re: A Different Kind of Knight

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