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Alice the Heartless Empty Alice the Heartless

Post by namey on Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:12 am

Alice didn't have a long or happy life. Ever since she was born, she's had special powers, the root of which were unknown. She soon lost her older brother and that sent her life into a spiral from which she had never recovered from. Heart break lead her to casting it out and changing her. This, too, only lead to even more heart break and rejection.

When she finally found a place where she could belong, with friends who cared for her well being, it seemed that she lacked the one thing needed to reciprocate their feelings, a heart. without it, she could never feel, nor give, the love needed to keep going. Day after day, she felt herself drifting further away from her friends. Until one day, she just had to leave, feeling she wasn't any good for them any longer.

Though she hadn't had one in a long time, Alice suffered from a very rare disease called a 'Stand Still, which when the stresses get to much for her, her body shuts down and she slips into a stasis-like coma. Sometimes she comes out of it on her own, others times not. Soon after leaving her friends, she traveled to Noreal and suffered a Stand Still, in which she fell into a deep coma, one where she may never awake from, thus, ending her short story to a tragic life...

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