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Post by Sion Reaver on Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:52 am

Character Name: Urata Yachi
Alias: Rook
Apparent Age: Early twenties.
Race: Human
Height: 5’9
Weight: 156
Gender: Male
Physical Description:  Urata has short brown hair and blue eyes of around a normal average build for a normal person his age. For the rest see picture.


Transformed State
Known Relatives: None alive he knows of
Religion: n/a
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills, advanced hand to hand and melee weapon skills.  High school education, can sing and play guitar. Can pilot GEARS(It’s basically just a mech) Host of other, incomplete skills due to past host fragmeneted memories. Japanese and English language.

Abilities:  Has the ability to get stronger by fighting(only applies to his transformed state) can see what someone’s race is, though if he hasn’t seen it already he won’t know anything but the fact they aren’t human.
Can survive in normally hostile environments, such as places with radiation or lack of air(transformed state)

He sometimes can see memories of previous host if he meditates, but its unreliable and seems to come at random.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Urata is an easy going man that loves meeting new people and seeing new things. He’s a more optimistic person but deep down has his own doubts and insecurities but as long as his friends are okay, he is.
Powers: Superhuman physical stats. Weapon Soul. It’s the powerful ability to create weapons. It also allows him to view memories of weapons he touches(I.E. if he touches an knife, he can see what happened a bit before then)
Restrictions: In his transformed state, he can one ton and his other stats are 20x times his weight In his normal state, he’s not defenless and has limited enhanced stats, which is 5x his weight.

Weapon Soul, is the ability to create weapons and bring them into being, i However, there are a number of restrictions to it. The first is while normally weak mundane weapons can be made cheaply and easily, the more complex ones take time to figure out and then properly manifest.He Must have physical contact with them, he can't copy weapons with special powers.

.  Urata can have at max three weapons at an time and in order to get more, he must give up one of the ones he has.

While he can view memories from weapons he touches, its only an hour back at the moment and a bit jumbled and unreliable since he’s rather new to it. It sometimes goes back further, but he has no control over it.
Weapons and Precious Items:

 He has an normal(we’ll, relatively) watch that allows him to transform easier. It always comes back to him and is made out of some unknown material. It also acts as an normal watch. He  can teleport with it too, but he has to know where he’s going for that to work. Picture

Dullan Sword: His  starting weapons are a simple sword, Picture

Celestial Armor: Basically where he gets his host of superhuman powers, its actually a symboite slash piece of bio tech Urata is convinced is mixed with something else, he isn’t sure what though but suspects its supernatural in some way.
Phobias:  He actually has a few, but he fights despite them.
Sexual Preferences: Straight.
Occupation: Traveler/Celestial knight

Urata grew up without knowing his parents and being shifted from one foster home to the next as he tried to find his place growing up. He in part resented it but began to learn not to get too attached and take the moment for what it is, then what he wanted. The coping mechanism helped growing up all the way until adulthood, though being human he doesn’t uphold that ideal.

 He began having strange dreams, of people in odd armor fighting and doing other things.

 Some were humans of other eras, fighting against strange enemies. Some weren’t humans, but beings from other worlds wearing that same armor. Celestial Knights was what they were called, as far as he could tell it seemed to be a  power that had a mind of its own that seemed to bounce to host to host when that world needed them.

He was confused for a number of reasons why he was picked, what exactly he had to worry about, along with a myriad of other questions. It didn’t cause him angst, as he was actually excited for this chance, after all its not everyday you basically get picked to have the powers of a real life Super Sentai liked he watched as an child.

Not having anything else, and unsure of his path forward he continued his travels helping those along the way as well as unlocking more of the power and secrets of his new gift.
Status: Alive.

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