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Post by Sion Reaver on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:46 pm

Espen came out of his shower in the evening, getting dressed and trying to work on a few things on his laptop. It had been a minute since Jennifer had seemingly vanished out of thin air and since then he had been keeping himself busy so he didn't think about it since he couldn't find them. He wasn't so much upset they left, but the manner in which they left. No good bye, or anything just gone. He didn't even know she was okay until Alister confirmed.

It had taken him off kilter a bit and his close friends would know it, even though he did his best to hide it. The whole irony thing was the timing. He had thought about pursuing something more then friendship but had held back for a bit because he knew how messy intimate relationships mixed with something like this could be. The day he decided he was going to ignore that is when she left to where ever.

He supposed what bothered him the most is she didn't say anything. Even if she outright had said she didn't want to be around them anymore or be their bodyguard he would of felt better then this ambiguity that took place.  There was some hurt and anger on his end and he didn't like it, because those emotions meant you could say or do things you don't mean.

Things you can't take back.  The saying you don't know what you have until its gone was painfully true as he was relearning once again in his(relative to his race) young life.

Espen sighed mentally, pushing the laptop up as he pushed some of the lingering depression away. Maybe what he needed instead of work, was a break or another distraction. Most of everyone else in the mansion should be asleep by now, save a few people. Maybe he should see what Rosa was up to or anyone else seeing as he was unable to sleep.

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