Harlan Murray

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Harlan Murray

Post by namey on Sat May 11, 2013 8:59 pm

Character Name: Harlan Murray
Alias: N/A
Apparent Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 208lbs
Gender: Male
Physical Description: See Pic.
Known Relatives: Allen Murray (Father), Melinda Murray (Mother), Jaccob Murray (Older brother), Merry Murray (younger sister).
Religion: Catholic
Skills: Basic and Domestic skills, Survival skills, Advanced Swordsmen skills, Tae-Kwon-Do, Highschool level education, Keyblade lore (and everything involving the Keyblades), College level education (Archaeology), Investigation skills, Vehical skills (bikes and cars), Moderate computer skills.
Abilities: Along with the abilities that the Keyblade offers, Harlan can sence when Heartless are close by.
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Personality: Harlan thinks he's never wrong and when someone tells him so, he gets mad and trys to Make them see things, His way. But all in all, he's an okay fellow to have as a partner.
Powers: Harlan can control the power of darkness, but Only when he has his Keyblade out.
Restrictions: Harlan can't use any dark powers unless his Keyblade has been summoned.
Special Moves: Harlan can 'empower' his Darkness Keyblade with dark energy, incressing it's ability to damage.

Dark Blast: A standered projectile of dark energy. It travels in a straight line, at a decent speed, doing decent damage and has a cool down time of thirty seconds per use.

Dark Lightning: Harlan can shoot a stream of eletricity that does moderate damage, but is fast on the fire. It, too, travels n a straight line and has a cool down time of a minuet per use.

Dark Shield: With this, Harlan can creat a barrier that can deflect and block most types of energy and physcial attacks. Depending on how strong the attacks are, will depend on how well the shield holds up (works best against other dark attacks).

Dark Portals: Harlan can creat a vortex that can teleport him and others to locations that he's visited or knows how to get to them. The more people that pass through his Dark Vortex, the weaker he gets.
Super Moves:

Dark Chain Lightning: With this, Harlan can fire a bolt of eletricity that can strike multiple targets, doing massive damage and has a chance to paralize it's targets. Cool down time is ten muniets per shot and drains Harlan's dark energy (friendly fire IS possible).
Super Forms:

Anti-Form: When Harlan over uses his dark energy from his Keyblade, his Darkness Keyblade will tap into the darkness within his heart, changing Harlan into a feral, shadowed version of himself. In this form, Harlan gets the following benifits.

Incressed Physcial Stats - Harlan gains x50 his normal weight.

Incressed Duribility - The Anti-Form provides a natural barrier of darkness against physcial and energy attacks (depending on how strong they are).

Incressed Darkness Strength - In his Anti-Form Harlan's Darkness attacks gain a 50% incress in strength.

When in his Anti-Form Harlan also gains drawbakcs as well.

Decressed Endurance - Because of the large draw on the darkness in his heart, Harlan can't maintain his Anti-Form for very long and when it wears off, he'll be drained of any dark energy for atleast a day.

Incressed Aggression - The longer Harlan remains in his Anti-Form, the more of his sence of self he loses, until he no longer recognizes friend from foe.

Decressed Darkness Energy - Because the dark energy is coming from Harlan's heart, he can't use his darkness attacks very much. Also, prolonged use of his Anti-Form can be fatal.
Class: Keyblader.
Weapons and Precious Items: Darkness Keyblade - Grants him incressed strength when he uses it, will always come to Harlan when he summons it.

Standered travling equipment (like flashlights, bedroll, personal tent, rations, a medkit, flairs.), his father's sword.

A special uniform that Lee and Dino made that will always be there when he needs it. It grants him Event Focus - A special state of mind that allows Harlan to preform seemingly impossible feats of physcial prowess. So long as he can maintain his focus on the event at hand, otherwise Event Focus will fail.
Phobias: Not being able to help.
Illnesses: Is slowly losing his heart to the darkness.
Sexual Preferences: Straight.
Occupation: Bookstore owner.
History: Harlan comes from a Large family that has an extensive knowledge on the Keyblade. So naturally he would have learned a thing or two about it. When he was chosen to hold a Keyblade, he had become like the champion of his family. Anything he wanted, he got, no questions asked.

This got Very tiring, Very fast. So, he packed up his few belongings and headed out. He soon got word that the other Keyblade whelders were being killed off, so naturally, he had to find out by whom and if they could be stopped

After sometime, there was some Heartless, some fighting and, Oh yeah! One of their team ended up losing their life in a battle with a seemingly unstoppable metal hedgehog. The team had broken up and went their seperate ways.

Harlan was sleeping one night, when he had a dream, or a vision. The world was a burning wasteland. All his friends were down, dead or dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His Keyblade was in his hand, but he was too hesitant to use it.

In the middle of all the destruction, was a Towering, Massive burning monster of the likes Harlan had never seen before. He was sitting in a sky scrapper as it's throne. The monster looks down at Harlan *There was nothing you, or anyone else could have done to stop me!* the monster booms *This is not a dream...this is inevitable!* the creature laughs.

Harlan wakes up in a cold sweat. The dream had givin him a very unsettling feeling. Because he knew what the titan was saying was true. He was coming and he didn't think he alone could stop him. He needed to let his friends know. He needed to get the team back togeather!

It was sometime after things went down in Harlan's dream and in that time, he had joined a Hunter's Cell and has been helping fight off the evil creatures of the night or helping to keep the peace. For him, this is a fulfilling job, but he knows there's a time when he must take up his Keyblade and confront the darkness in his heart. He's just not sure if he'll have the strength to defeat it.
Status: Alive.

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Re: Harlan Murray

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