Karine Durand

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Karine Durand

Post by Sion Reaver on Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:35 am

Character Name: Karine Durand
Alias: Lady/Princess Karine.
Apparent Age:  Early Twenties
Race: Nosferartu
Height: 5’9
Weight: 132
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She has silver hair and red eyes, often seen wearing various dresses. For the rest see picture

Known Relatives:

Ruven Durand-Older brother

Charles Durand-Father

Carla Durand-Mother
Religion: N/A
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Large amount of magical theory knowledge(though she doesn't use any herself) and supernatural aspects.  Z-Fighter skills, Skilled in Sonis family fighting style.  Melee weapon skills. Political science. Ball room dancing.
Abilities: Just her natural ones
Alignment: Good

Karine was raised in a high class environment and it reflects as such in the way she carries herself but she’s mostly grounded. She does have her pride in herself along with her race and refuses to back down from a challenge or bullying even if the other person vastly outclases her. She’s a strong believer in self improvement and expects nothing else from herself.
Powers:  Standard powers
Restrictions: Can lift 35 times her weight.
Powered Up  Fully powered up, its Ninety Thousand.
Special Moves:

Ki Sense: The ability to sense Ki energy, it can be hidden from though hers is a bit sharper then normal.
Empower Body: Allows Karine to empower herself physically as well as fly.

Dark Lancer: Creates a large energy lance which can be used for melee, or tossed at foes to pierce or explode on impact.

Ki Ball: Standard Ki ball, can be charged for more damage.

Bloody Hole: Creates a dark ball of energy that sucks up nearby opponents(similar to a black hole) before crushing them. Its completely dependent on her own strength if they can even pull them in and how effective it will be.

Concealment: Similar to the standard hiding Ki, but more advanced and much harder to pick up on.

Rage: Not so much a technique as something that ‘happens’. When truly enraged she experiences a short but powerful burst in power like an adrenaline shot.

Dark Void: Creates a large ball of energy being summoned and then launched downwards towards her opponents.

Disas Shot: A straight forward but powerful dark beam. Nothing special.

Mortis Blades Creates a cross shape blades of energy that travel fast but in a straight line to cut things and people in half.

Mor's Fist: Creates a powerful projecile of a demonic-like wolf made of a mixture of her Ki and shadow energy to attack her opponent by biting or imploding on impact. This a technique she made on her own.

Mor's Fist

Super Moves:

Malefis Mortis: Around their opponent, almost magic-like circle engulfs her opponent with giant swords sticking up at the end, which don’t do anything. It soon explodes around the area, doing a decent amount of damage of what it hits.
Super Forms: N/A for now)
Class: Z Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items: Basic skills.
Phobias: Not being in control of her own body(I.E. being mind controlled)
Illnesses: None
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Princess/Time Patroler

Karine lives in alternate but similar universe then what people are used to.  In her particular world called Sentos her parents being the rulers of that world and those before her. She, naturally, was expected to have great things when she and her brother struck on their own.

When she was later approached by the Time Patrol and what it was about, she decided to accept one because she did believe what they said, among other reasons.

Status: Alive

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Re: Karine Durand

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Without further ado, ╛══╧╠╙┬┴.

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