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World Name: Elysium
Native Races: The Mystics
Currency: They use different types and colored crystals to both power their technology and as well as currency. The different colors indicate their different worth. This changes from region to region.
Religion: They believe in a being known as The Galford (We know as him as Will Galford, guardia of Earth)

There are many different beliefs about The Galford. Most of the Mystic population believe that The 'Great and Terrible' Galford was so displeased by what he had seen in the Mystic's future, that he had sealed them away and written them off as a bad idea.

Others believe that the 'Mighty and Powerful' Galford had used up all his Supreme Godly energy creating thr perfect race, that he was forced to become mortal in order to save his own life.

There are a few who truly believe that the 'Once Great' Galford sealed the Mystics away, because he grew fearful of his creations and was keeping the universe safe from the Mystics by keeping them locked away.

Even fewer still, believe that the 'Mighty and Benevolent Galford is still with them, guiding them wit his loving light.
Government: The main governing body of Elysium is the Circle. There are six circles that govern all of Elysium.The higher the circle number (like 6), the lower in status and influence one if and standing in the middle of the Circle, is the Arch Bishop He or She rules over all of Elysium and is their chief spiritual leader as well.

Though the Arch Bishop leads Elysium, his decisions Can be over ruled by a majority vote from the Circle members (as rare as that may be) and the Arch Bishop can over rule the Circle if he or she feels that their decision is Not in the best interest of the people.
Military: Nothing too fancy. The standard assortment of soldiers, commanders, generals. The most notable would be the Elite Guards. A group of women assigned to protect the Arch Bishop.
Tech Level: Mid industrial. They mix steampunk with fantasy, which gives the illusion of magical devices.
Immigration: Generally, Mystics, wile friendly to others, frown on those others Living in their realm and the Circle will advise the local governments to make it difficult for outsiders to purchase land. Often stating they need to have lived in Elysium for twenty to fifty years, before they become eligible to buy property.
Lands and Climate: Elysium is a Minshara Class planet (M-Class planet), typically covered in vegetation and crystal out croppings, with two orbiting moons and one sun. No other planets seem to exist in it's system.

Elysium's years are longer then Earth's by six months and they have six seasons, instead of four. They have Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, but they also have the Season of the Sun (which is between Summer and Fall) and the Season of the Moon (which is between Winter and Spring). In which their respective names stay out for three months.

Despite the extra six months in a year, the Mystics still use the 24 hour days schedule.

At night time, there are No stars in the Elysium sky, leading to Nihilophobia (the fear of nothingness) being a common Illness during the Season of the Moon. Elysium has the usual blue sky during the day.
Foreign Relations: Elysium is currently in negotiations with several different worlds to establish peace treaties or at the very least, no aggression treaties.
Political Groups: There's usually those who live within the guidelines of the Circle, those who don't and the Outcasts.

Those who live within the guidelines of the Circle are those who live within the major cities like Capitol City and Empire City, then there are those who live from without the guidelines of the Circle, like those who live within Inferno Village and normally inhospitable areas of Elysium.

Finally there are the Outcasts. They are criminals and rejects that follow the lead off a single leader, but they are broken into smaller groups and follow the lead of a lieutenant, wo answers to their leader.
Important Figures: The Galford (their God), the First One (the first Mystic ever to be. We know her as Molly Baker-Winters), the Children of the First One (we know them as Jason and Christine Winters), the Arch Bishop (currently Alister Graves), Former Lord Amadeus Mortrum, Vira Nakeen (a one super famous singer who lives on Earth).
Status:Elysium is well known to several planets, including Earth and mot are allowed to visit.
Accessibility: The only known way to access Elysium is through the Mystic Embassy in Tokyo.

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