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World Name:Noreal
Native Races: Nosferartu, Farian, Ralphim and Draner. There also of course other small niche population of other races that have ended up there by chance. Or just  few scattered individuals
Currency: While some countries use different ones, most of the universally accepted brand is called 'Cresents'. (Cresent Coins being the full name)They are coins made out of material found in certain places in the ground. Red, Gold, Silver, Black and blue are the colors with the amount listed being the highest to lowest.

They also have gold and silver, but since its actually a common material, its not worth as much in most places
Religion: The main religion is called 'Ecoliesm'. In that religion, its believed the Goddess Erena created Noreal, the other races and became the Great Tree. Many believe all the races were made to learn more about each other up to including balance. The Nosferartu for example were shown that darkness isn't always inherently bad and to be a fully whole and balanced person, one must accept the light and dark aspects of themselves. Because of that they are sometimes called 'Children of the Dark' though in this case, its meant as a positive. Other races have nicknames in this vein. Light and dark are some of the elements that made the world but one needed both as they weren't always inherently bad or good.

Whether true or not, its ironically been proven more for those who hold that belief due to conflicts with the Xaron, Holy elemental beings that wanted to cleanse the native population out. More so the Nosferartu and Farian, but ironically Draner and Ralphlim were thought to be impure and corrupted as well due to living with them peaceful and defending them.
Government: It depends on the country, but many are republics and similar. As a compromise for big matters that concern all of Noreal, the world leaders meet in the city of Frosa to see if they can reach agreement. The country of Acrana is run by a monarchy however.
Military: Noreal uses a mixture of fire arms, mechanized warfare along with the races natural martial combat abilities for a potent mix of things.
Tech Level:   It's somewhat of a 'Final Fantasy' world, with some more advanced 'Sci Fi' stuff along with more softer magical ones. They have some interesting techology  fucsed with magic but other places its far less developed, usually by choice. One of their trade mark items they have is M.U.S.(Stands for Multi Use Storage Bracelet)

It essentially shrinks things down to be stored away rather then anywhere seperate way which are used in a variety of civilian life as well. They also have devices that can scan for someone's race, translators and the ability to have food 'suspended' for long stretches of time before being brought back.

All major cities don't allow teleporting by the common races(I.E. Ralphlim turning into a bolt of lighting) to make things easier to manage. Buildings are often hardier and resistant to common enerigies as well.
Immigration: The people of Noreal(most of them)  are fine with others coming as long as they don't cause issues. Legally, one usully comes via the portals which are guarded and made into 'check points'. Things are then proceeed from there. If one wants to live there normally, they must stay in Noreal for an extended period before applying, if not before hand. The 'Cross Point' is the most common entry.
Lands and Climate: Noreal has a full range of enviorments, ranging from frozen tundras, harsh desserts and tropical islands.

The main countries are as follows

Arcana: Is a country where Nosferartu are a decent majority and the royal family still rules. It's slightly less advanced in some ways compared to others but the people tend to enjoy living there. The council just under them have power as well but its not as high as the ruling family. It's currently ran by Queen Adeline with her daughter Trienna who is next in line.

It's also the home of Abrela Academy, which is bar none the best school for learning the magical arts.

Arcana Castle

Ecla: Is a extremely large multi nation state, somewhat similar in the U.S. In that sense. It's home to a lot of the technological progress of the world.

There are, of course more countries but those are some of the prominent ones.

Foreign Relations:  Noreal doesn't have much contact with outsiders, as far as a collective. The few they have had been bad, the Hollow Host were a group of undead, and the Xaron who lived in their own pocket realm. The Xaron were a group of Holy Elementals of various shapes, size and power that wanted to 'purify' Noreal due to the Farian and Nosferartu influence. This of course lead to conflict and the two have had wars on and off for centuries since, though the last one caused their pocket realm to collapse onto itself.

Ironically, despite their element and apperance many had, they were at the end of the day quite evil by most conventional standards of the word.
Political Groups:

There are a couple of political groups and people with their own agendas, organizations or structures. Here are a few.

Arcadia: While technically a just a school, it has a lot of history behind it. It was formed as a school to teach and guide people. Many of the Vanguard, Noreal's version of Hunters and guards attend there to learn the skills they need to not just to fight but be peace keepers as well. People from the different countries send their people there to learn and hopefully make something of themselves,

The courses to be fully licenses usually takes two years, but truly excellent students can take it further by going to Testament which is the next grade up. In the mean time the are usually assigned to teams of five with a leader(or in this case mentor) so they can get field experience in the mean time.

It's located on a large private island named Odia. There are, of course, other schools with the same purpose but Arcadia is by far the most well known.

Noreal Council: The Noreal council is located in Ecla where many of the leaders come together to has out various things.

The Arcana Monarchy: The royal family(and the council there of) from Arcana have sway in their lands and a bit outside of it Their mother is thought of highly but the king is deceased and others don't consider the princess any type of leader material even if from a personal level she is well liked.

Vanguard: While not a true political force in the most strict definition, there is no doubt they have a high amount of influence of where they gather their voices. The Vanguard in short are the world's equivalent to Hunters or the police to deal with threats inside and out. There are monsters that seem to appear randomly(one theory is they re created by something naturally occuring that has yet to be found) that savage anything sapient they come across.

As a result, small settlements and such outside the protection of the bigger cities are in more danger which causes the Vanguard to sometimes to be assigned there.
Important Figures:

Queen Adeline: She is the current ruler of Arcana and is well liked among the people; though the council generally likes them while others are more old fashioned. She rules in stead of her king who had passed away.


Princess Trienna: Trienna is the daughter of Queen Adeline, while on a personal level she has decent support others are unsure if she'll be worth anything on the world stage. She is more idealistic  then many of her peers with a positive outlook.


Headmaster Venia: Is the current head and leader of Arcadia. Rumor has it she is thinking of stepping down when she finds a suitbale replacement. She was formally from the military but decided she could be of better use to teach the upcoming generation the needed skills not to just fight but keep peace.


Lady Yasuko: Yasuko Mori is currently the strongest Nosferartu alive and known. They usually keep to themselves and don't get involved with the politics of the world. Whenever Noreal needs them however, they always seem to be there. There is an air of gentleness along with her great power, and sadness. Much of her history remains unknown except she is known to have spent a good chunk of her life in other places and worlds(or so the rumours go)

Great power often comes from great strife, conflict and tragedy. One has to wonder what her stories she has to tell.


Espen Goldsmith: A former diplomat but is well known and liked for his various works he has done before going to earth for a few things he felt that needed to be done.

Status: Open, but its not as well known. Most people end up there by chance. Noreal has been catching a bit more attention lately, for better or worse.
Accessibility: Besides space travel, there are portals to go to and from which are guarded most of the time. There are some on earth hence the back and forth and a few others.

Down below are some pictures of the locations and things to get a further feel of them,

The Great Tree

Shima Estates

Moveim Town


Frosa City[/color][/color]
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