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Character Name: Yamcha
Alias: ----
Apparent Age: Late twenties, early thirties
Race: Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: 154
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Typically he wears the orange Gi of the Turtle School but he's decided as of late to use a updated version of his old clothes when he used to travel with Goku.

Below is just a bonus pic of him and his daughter when she was younger.
Known Relatives: Tamaki-Daughter
Religion: ---
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Turtle Hermit School of hand to hand mixed with his own. Z-fighter skills. Survival and hunting skills. Baseball expert.
Abilities: Peak human when not using Ki
Alignment: Good

Yamcha is a man who always had to grow in the shadow of giants and beings of monstrous power that have always dwarfed his own. He's developed a very, very healthy realistic look at his abilties and strengths. He experiences fear in battle but not afraid to push it aside when push comes to shove.

During his various adventures his self esteem not only in his fighting ability but in himself has nose dived several times but he's gotten a lot better since then. Tends to be a bit snarky and sarcastic at times, more in his head then anything else of all the things he wish he could say—especially to a certain others.
Restrictions: ---
Power Up Level: Fully powered up, his base is 400k
Special Techniques:

Empower Body: Allows her to empower heis body with Ki energy as well as fly

Ki Sense: The ability to sense life energy, he has to concentrate to extend the range

Hide Ki: Abke to hide his life energy, those with strong enough Ki sense can still feel him

Ki Ball: Creates a ball of moderately powerful Ki,

Wolf Fang Fist – Yamcha's trademark attack. It is a very fast series of powerful punches, swipes, and kicks. Before the attack, a wolf's howl can be heard, along with an aura around her.

Spirit Ball: He produces a concentrated ball of energy from his palm, and is able to precisely control its directional pattern using two fingers to guide it. 

Kamehameha WaveL It's become something of a stapble of Z-fighters, the famous Kamehameha Wave attack of powerful blue energy. He cups his hand and has to activate the chant to release the attack.

Solar Flare: A bright flash of energy used to blind the opponent, that is if they make eye contact with the flash itself.

After Image: Creates a after image of himself o slip through or confuse her opponent using her speed.
Super Techniques:

Super Spirit Ball: Literally the only difference between this one and the normal one is it has a notable power increase and larger in size.
Super Forms:
Class: Z-Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items: Two empty capsules, basic items.
Phobias: Besides something happening to his daughter, he has realistic fears, like not being fond of dying for real. What's important is he pushes through them despite those fears.
Illnesses: ----
Sexual Preferences: Stragh
Occupation: Baseball Player/Time Patrol

I'm not sure why you're here.

No seriously don't you have anything better to do? No? We'll, all right. I don't know why'd you want to know my backstory. Don't get me wrong, its crazy and if I wanted I'd sell it probably for killer money, not as much as my baseball but you get the point.

Point is while its interesting enough its not as crazy as some of the others I hang out with.

I'm not a prince of a race of super powered beings that are named after Vegetables.

I'm not the reincarnation of of a evil guy that spit out a egg and became apart of the team.

It's just me, Yamcha.(I don't even have a real last name for Kami's sake!) A guy with above average martial ability that got sucked way, way over my head. I won't bore you with my whole life story so I'm gonna try to summarize it as quickly as I can.

I was a bandit, in the dessert once upon a time. I thought I was pretty hot stuff. Why wouldn't I? I was pretty strong and got by. The only thing I needed was my friend Puar, And for a time, it was really good. Then I met this strange kid named Goku with a monkey tail who became my best friend and this, we'll just say attractive girl named Bulma.

Short of it, I went with them, got on adventures and even got Bulma as a girlfriend. We had our issues, but I honestly really did love her. At around that time, I was hardly the strongest but I wasn't a weakling.

Then years later. Goku is settled down, older and with a kid named Gohan. All is pretty well before this douche of a brother comes claiming because their blood and have some sort of legacy he has to follow. He was called a Sayain, and let me tell you from experience they one of the most overpowered races around.

To make it worse he kidnapped Gohan to force Goku's hand.

I was a good friend so I wasn't just going to stand there and offered to help along with a few others.

I pretty much had my shit kicked in. I don't even remember what the hell happened only one moment I'm up and the next I'[m down, out, and waking up to Goku dead.

Oh and more Sayains were coming that were many times stronger, too.

Anyway, there were a lot of other battles with overpowered beings. Androids built in a cave with enough power to make stuff look like gnants, super cyborgs that somehow were stronger then me and the other human Z-fighters put together with a simple upgrade it took our Whole lives to reach. We had what amounted to space Hilter who I thought was a girl, a circus freak made of all the cells of the great fighters named..Cell(Yeah I know)

And a humanoid ancient bubble gum man with the mental capability of a child.

I learned pretty quickly I wouldn't be able to keep up and after enough beartings I figured fighting wasn't for me. So what else happened in between? We'll, you remember Bulma? The one I was with? She ended up banging and having a kid with Vegeta? Who is Vegeta? Prince of the Sayains.

So basically I was tossed aside by this bad boy who committed genocides and one of the biggest assholes I knew. He did have a change of heart and he's matured since then. I can't pretend he hasn't grown at all and I'm not going to hold grudges forever. No point. It just burns you out.

Anyway, I was trying to find my place in this world. That's where I ran into a Sayain space pod, normally bad news and my first instinc was to get the hell away until I heard crying in it. I approached and instead of a hulking brute, I just found a very young Sayain girl scared of her own shadow that couldn't remember much of anything.

I couldn't just leave them, so I ended up taking them in which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I named them Tamaki. She was always getting into stuff due to her urge to touch everything but she was always a good kid. I was also glad she didn't have the same amount of battle lust the other full Sayains did. Not sure if its a personal thing, a female Sayain thing, or something else, but not complaining.

I made a good life for myself and her, got the baseball kick going and we were living pretty good. The only thing I wasn't able to get was a good woman in my life. Tamaki was young so I definitely wasn't just going to bring just any random women around. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of attractive women around but having 'fun' was something that got old years ago. I was looking for something a bit more.

I was looking for actual wife material, some came close but there was either no connection or issues with Tamaki.

If you disrespect my daughter, I drop you like coal. It's my first and firmest rule when dating. Something all single parents follow but not all do sadly which leads to issues. They would make some off hand remarks about her tail and hurt her feelings and that would be the end of it. That or while we got along, they were awkward and stiff as a board around them.

They didn't see Tamaki as just a slightly different but sweet little girl but a freak. Which makes less sense since our world was ran by a humanoid animal named King Fury.

People don't make sense.

I kinda figured my love life, like my Z-fighting career was bad. I was probably never going to have what some of my friends have, a long term wife and such. To be honest, I was a bit jealous but I have a lot to be grateful for. So if its something that was just not in the cards for me, I wasn't going to dwell too much on it.

Some time later Tamaki was offered a job at this Time Patrol business I was skeptical at first but she really wanted to go and she would be able to come back so I let her go.

Then it hit me after, besides the possible danger she could be in. Greater danger.

Boys. Sayain boys possibly too.

. I mean I doubt Time Patrol would be stupid enough to have loose cannons around but they'd probably still probably have the “bad boy” edge to them if my experience with other male Sayains is to go by. My Princess was too smart for that and she didn't like those types thank Kami. Otherwise I'd probably end up in jail for murder.

But of course the what ifs kept playing in my head. I was Not going to stand by the side lines anymore. I knew what I had to do even if it killed me even if I knew I wouldn't be around all the time, at least I'd be able to keep tabs.
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Re: Yamcha

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