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It was about time I got off my lazy ass to do this. I originally planned a few Time Patrol PC's that Reizo could be friends with but motivation died into the abyss.

Character Name: Tamaki
Alias: --
Apparent Age: 16 or so
Race: Sayain
Height: 5'4
Weight: 145
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Known Relatives:

Yamcha-Adopted father
Religion: n/a
Skills: Turtle Hermit school of hand to hand mixed with some of her own father's style of fighting. Hunting and survival skills. Basic and domestic skills(somewhat, she burns other things) She's a good baseball player
Abilities: Sayain base ones
Alignment: Neutral Good

Tamaki is in a word spunky and typically happy go lucky with not letting much get her down for too long. She likes meeting new People and seeing new places when she can. Whether she fails or succeeds in something, its always a sure bet she'll try her best at least.

Typically she tries her best to encourage people around her. A tomboy at heart and not afraid to stand up to bullies or things she believes in.
Powers: See racial profile
Restrictions: Ditto
Power Up Level: Her max at the moment is 130
Special Techniques:

Empower Body: Allows her to empower her body with Ki energy as well as fly

Ki Sense: The ability to sense life energy, she has to concentrate to extend the range

Hide Ki: Abke to hide her life energy, those with strong enough Ki sense can still feel her.

Ki Ball: Creates a ball of moderately powerful Ki,

Wolf Fang Fist – Yamcha's trademark attack taught to Tamaki. It is a very fast series of powerful punches, swipes, and kicks. Before the attack, a wolf's howl can be heard, along with an aura around her.

Spirit Ball: She produces a concentrated ball of energy from his palm, and is able to precisely control its directional pattern using two fingers to guide it.

Kamehameha WaveL It's become something of a stapble of Z-fighters, the famous Kamehameha Wave attack of powerful blue energy. She cups her hand and has to activate the chant to release the attack.

Solar Flare: A bright flash of energy used to blind the opponent, that is if they make eye contact with the flash itself.

After Image: Creates a after image of herself to slip through or confuse her opponent using her speed.
Super Techniques:

Destructo Disk: A powerful spinning energy disk that can cut most standard things in half.
Super Forms: Oozaru: In this form,she turns into a Huge great ape (with a long tail), and her power, strength, endurance and defense spikes ten fold. Her speed, however, plunges. She can only attain this form at the light of a full moon.
Class: Z Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items: Three capsules(don't have anything in them) and some pictures.
Phobias: Partly closterphobic. As an people person, her other fear is being alone
Illnesses: n/a
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation: Time Patrol

Tamaki was born of the almost countless alternate time lines of the world. In her particular world, things mostly pan out as they do in the “original time line” with some minor differences. The one most people are familiar with, where at the end the Z-fighters defeat Majin Buu and there is no Beerus, Shadow Dragons and the like.

She was found as a young child in a pod  with no memory by Yamcha during the time of the Cell Games after they had been defeated. Not really having anything to do and feeling pity, Yamcha decided to take her in as his own which turned out to be one of the best decisions he made.

She lived a mostly happy and carefree life and developed a strong love for baseball, no small part in her father being a professional. She got along with most of the Z-Fighters, save for Vegeta as the two butted heads at times as she got older, especially when he makes light of her father Yamcha.

In one point in her life, her biological father had come back to her life after sending them away as they dubbed them useless. However they changed their mind on seeing them, Tamaki choose in her mind her real father Yamcha and not just someone who was related by blood she didn't know or like. They naturally didn't take kindly to this and threatened by force.

Yamcha sent them packing, Tamaki was proud of them and it helped boosted Yamcha's confidence slightly in his combat abilties after being pushed to the side so that was a bonus.

During the times after Buu when things were peaceful, she was approached for the job of Time Patrol. The idea sounded interesting enough and she was sold when it was said she'd be able to come back when she was done. Yamcha reluctantly agreed, on the condition Puara could come to keep a eye on Tamaki and provide moral support. So saying her brief farewells, she headed out to strike into the world on her own.

Getting used to all the different versions of people still takes getting used to, though.
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Re: Tamaki

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Looks good. ╛══╧╠╙┬┴!

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