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Character Name: Characters  Edgar Tornan
Alias:  n/a
Apparent Age:  28
Race:  Alusarian
Height: 5'10
Weight:  174
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Known Relatives:
Cress Tornan-Wife(deceased)
Komato Tornan-Daughter
Toma Laith-God Grandson
Ayda Laith-God Grandaughter
Religion:  He believes the only true 'higher' power you can rely is your own strength and those around you.
Skills: Basic skills, domestic skills. Advanced hand to hand, Z-Fighter skills. Ship piloting skills and mechnicaly inclined. Survival skills, can use most fire arms. Honor Guard training. Leadership skills, Multilingual,
Abilities:  Standard ones
Alignment:  Good
Personality:  Edgar is the type to believe you make your own luck and isn't a believer in waiting for something to happen is that's what you really want.
Powers:  See racial profile
Restrictions: About the normal base
Powered Up Level:  Base is about as strong as 2nd form Imperfect Cell, fully powered up is stronger then Normal Pefect Cell but weaker then Gohan at the Cell games.
Special Moves:

Empower Body: Allows himself to physically empower himself with his own energy as well as fly.

Ki Ball: Standard ball of Ki energy, its not that strong overall.

Advanced Ki Ball: The only difference is its stronger and can be charged more

Ki Sense: Can sense Ki energy, though who hide it or can't be sensed can get over this.

Hide Ki:  The ability to hide your Ki energy, it still can be felt by someone skilled enough however.

Scatter Raid: A orb of energy is launched before breaking off to thin beams of energy that do piercing based damage.

Ki Barrier: Can create a energy barrier to block attacks, its entirely based on the user's strength.

Crusher Ball: A ball of energy formed in the palm of the hand and launched in whatever direction.

Breaker Cannon: Two energy orbs are charged in both hands, then combined into one making a powerful and solid beam of energy that explodes on impact
Super Moves:  

Crimson Burst: For once, the typical standard white/silver aura is replaced with a bright red as fire-like aura and Ki engulfts him for a powerful straight punch. It multiplies his power by five when used and can only be used a number of times. A varation non combat use of this technique is useful for traveling.

Cosmic Cannon: This technique, simply put is a very powerful straight forward beam fired from the hands. Like the Crimson Burst it multiplies the user's power level by five and can only be used a limited number of times._
Super Forms: He has the first super form, glowing steel gray hair and eyes. Unable to go further then his first super form he instead focused on making his base and this form as strong as he can take both. It's a 100x multiplier. Due to his illness he cannot maintain it as long as others.
Class: Z Fighter
Weapons and Precious Items:  Nothing really special on him he carries all the time
Phobias: Something happening to his family
Illnesses: It's an unknown illness, he literally Can't go beyond the first super form. In theory even if he could, it would damage his body with very bad adverse effects. Luckily, the illness doesn't seem to pass down, whatever it may be.
It also causes prolong use of his super form he does have pain and can't maintain it as long as others. He may even drop out of it at random times.
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Occupation:  Former Honor Guard member

Edgar grew up on Alus with a rather uneventful life with his best friend Kor who got into all sorts of mischief when they were younger. He dreamed of making some sort of difference and giving back to his home so he ended up joining the Honor Guard which is basically a group that helps protect Alus or other allied planets when off world.

Years later, a young Sayain woman by the name of Cress ended up staying on Alus to get away from Cooler's influence as they were tired of being under their control. The two became friends and eventually more before settling down and having a family with a young healthy little girl.

It was the happiest moment in his life.

However like many good things, it wasn't meant to last.

During a off world vacation trip on a planet called Grion, a Chaneling by the name of Polara and their men who worked for Cooler had seized the planet. As it wasn't under the protection of Alus or Eldar and was a netural party, it had been a perfect target.

Both his wife and daughter were killed by Polara and he was left for dead, being weak at the time for most part. He managed to get away back home, the ship being on auto pilot as he made his journey back.

Alus and their allies had their hands tied with other enemies at the time and with the planet being in another galaxy and non allied it made things harder. For a time after he focused on getting stronger, not letting his illness completely stop him even if it did make his limits sharper.

However, Polara was thought to be killed after vanishing for a while and he instead focused on living his life. He grew into a old man over time and was content for the most part with things until he heard news confirming he was still alive.

With that news, he had to make a decision and decided to make himself young again with a special liquid which was a one time use only.
There were still things that needed to be done after all.
Status: Alive
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Re: Edgar

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Looks fine to me. ╛══╧╠╙┬┴!

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