The Keybladers

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The Keybladers

Post by namey on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:19 pm

After spending some time to do some hard training, the current Keybladers now gain the following,

* *


Firaga: Flies up and then down in an arc, with slight enemy seeking capability, then explodes on contact. Cool Down Time: About thirty seconds.

Blizzaga: When cast, becomes a mine that stays in place and explodes when an enemy (or ally. friendly fire possible) comes within range. Cool Down Time: Roughly one minuet.

Thundaga: A giant bolt of lightning that hits twice, first as the bolt itself, then as a secondary radial attack from the epicenter. Cool Down Time: About two minuets.

Curaga: Creates a Recovery Field where the caster. Others may stand in the firld to recover energy and heal wounds. Area Of Effect: Six foot from center. Cool Down Time: Five minuets.

Final Form: In this form, the strongest transformation, the user has two Keyblades orbiting around him that he can control at will. The user also has a strong Aeroga shield cast around them, enabling them to constantly hover. They also gain Super Armor and can use all spells with half the Cool Down Time. The Final Form Transformation can only last for about five minuets (this can be extended Five seconds for every baddie that is defeated) before wearing off with a Cool Down Time of an hour.

* *


Dark Aura: By using the power of darkness, one can stop an enemy(s) in their tracks by surrounding them in a aura of darkness. Strong enemies can power through the Dark Aura. Holds for thirty seconds. Cool Down Time: About a minuet.

Gravity: The user can change the fundamental properties of gravity around the area of the target either by increasing or decreasing it. Once gravity has been changed, it will remain until it wears off. Wears off in about a minuet. Cool Down Time: two minuets.

Aero: Surrounds the caster and those he casts it on in a rapidly spinning force of air that can block energy attacks and has a chance to deflect physical attacks. Rapid or strong attacks will cause it to fail. Cool Down Time: About thirty seconds.

Cure: The user can cast a ball of healing energy on himself or someone else. Cure restores energy and heals wounds. Cool Down Time: Three minuets.

Advanced Anti Form Conrtol: Harlan has learned to safely harness his Anti Form and maintain control over his own mind for a limited amount of time. Then he starts to lose control of his Anti Form.

* *

Shared Abilities

Advanced Event Focus: When the right conditions are met and the users can maintain their focus, they can preform amazing, almost impossible, feats of physical prowess. From blocking a barrage of lasers to cutting buildings in half! It all depends on how long they can keep focused.

HP Gain: For every successful hit when in 'Limit Form' (Final Form for Torin, Anti Form for Harlan), the users gain health and recover energy.

Endless Magic: When in their Limit Form, the users gain unlimited energy for their special attacks.

Scan: The users can 'Scan' an enemy(s) and determine how much stamina they have left.

Aerial Recovery: The users gain almost unrivaled agility when in the air. Able to twist and dodge while air born.

Glide: The users can glide from a distance of one foot off the ground and can hover when remaining still.

Dash Boost: The users can give themselves a sudden burst of speed over a distance of ten feet. Cool Down Time: thirty seconds. When used in conjunction with Glide, users can increase their flight speeds and distance.

Fade Counter: By reacting at the moment of impact, users can instantly get behind their opponent and follow up with a vicious counter attack. Multiple uses in a row increase the chances of the Fade Counter failing.

*Note: All moves, special abilities and transformations can Only be used when the users Keyblades are active.

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