Earn Your Happy Ending

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Earn Your Happy Ending

Post by Sion Reaver on Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:58 pm

It had been from Monica’s point of view, at least three years since she left from that dimension and started her life elsewhere. ‘Here’ in Meus Carus’ as the particular multiverse was called was similar in some ways from the place she had came from, but also very different in others.

Like her earth, there were multiple races around but the key difference is they were out in the open since they didn’t have a fear of being persecuted. Hunters existed, but they were very few these days as they have been phased out, or added a global organization named Nobus and the like.

There was also the fact it was advanced enough that realm and dimension travel was common place; there was even a mandatory class ‘Dimensional Theory’ in most public schools and college. Apparently, earth had acted like a hub to different places for whatever reason so as a result they had to monitor and control such travel as to protect the people there.

The only reason they were allowed in was because of her father, as he was already registered as it were. If they hadn’t, they would have had to go through a few more hoops before everything checked out.

Monica enjoyed it here. It wasn’t to say bad things didn’t happen and it didn’t have any issues but it felt different; like a much lighter air in other words. Her life was slowly getting in order and she felt more at home and at peace then she had ever felt back in her native dimension.

 She had even started dating again, a man named Bahara. He was a single dad with two young kids though his ex wife had been…crazy to put it lightly. The less said the better on it. Overall she was happy, Bahara was a real good man and the two children of his Kayla and Virgil were adorable.

Monica knew who and what he actually was, but even for this world some secrets had to remain hidden.

Currently, she was looking through her own room. Many of her old things were there as she couldn’t bare to part with them. Even the more painful memories of that one dimension served as a learning lesson and a reminder of where she had come from, and more importantly she was a survivor. She had not only survived that place but thrived after and as the saying went, the best revenge was living well.

 The half-Arkon’s hands went to a box, much of her old writings were there including the letters she had made to Emanulle, Adell and Anita. She had no idea if they got them and she knew time passed differently but she made a copy of each for memories sake. They had been written a bit after so she doubted they get them, unless Lost somehow gave it to them.

Rubbing the dust away she began reading them mentally starting with Adell.

To Adell:

It’s been a wild ride with all the things we went through huh? We had our ups and downs but you’ve been my best friend and protector for so long I’m not sure how I would have survived otherwise. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between us, I think we all just waited a bit too long but what’s done is done.

Adell, I don’t know how things will work out with you and your daughter. I’m not even sure you’ll find  what you need and wanted; a friend and companion you grow together with both physically and mentally. But I’m confident it’ll work out.

I’ll give you some advice though that helped me survive that place:


Know what your limitations are. Don’t throw yourself head first into things you can’t win. You have a reasonability to come back to one piece to those who care about you, the only person who can do this is largely yourself. People can call you a coward or whatever, at the end of the day its more important you and others you care about survive. What other people think on that isn’t important, because those same people won’t be there to pick up the pieces when you’re in a bind.


If you can find a way to win without fighting, take it. If you have to fight dirty to survive and ensure those you care about survive, take it. This isn’t a game, there are no rules. It’s played to win and the bad guys will be more ruthless then we’ll ever be.

I’m not a warrior at heart. I’m not a fighter but I am a survivor.  Remember, us little people have to work smarter, not harder to survive in that cruel dimension. I wish you the best with whatever you decide to do, and hope you get the family you deserve.

To Emanulle

We didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked getting to know you, a few months maybe at the most on and off. Despite that, I know you have a very good heart but that’s also the problem. As far as romance is concerned, like with Michru’s mother you’ve been hurt pretty badly. I ask you not to give up on things, but be very careful who you grow a interest in that way. Let them at least meet you half way, especially since I can’t give them sixty nine question treatment since I won’t be there.(I’m kidding..sort of)

That said, you choose a harder path. I’m not sure where it’ll lead in the end but please be careful. That world, no, that dimension definitely needs super heroes far more then it needs hunters. It’s devoid of hope, people and things are cynical and the bad guys tend to have their way more then half the time.

I really wish you and yours had been there when that ninja group had been experimenting on half demons, I think you would have given them some pause for thought. But, maybe with your group there if another thing happens like that you’ll be there to stop it.

I hope you and yours give them hell for once. If you guys manage to make that world and dimension a better place to live more power to you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a ripple effect; all big mainstream ideas started off as a minority and with scorn after all.

To Anita

Hey there, we had our ups and downs too but I’m glad we got to meet. I’m not sure what your future holds, or if you want a peaceful life but think its out of your grasp. If a normal life is what you want but think its impossible I’m going to give you some tough love and a bit of a pep talk.

I don’t care what they says. I don’t care if ‘God’ himself came down from his throne and says its impossible. We already know there’s ways around it things.

You want a normal peaceful life? Then fight for it it, damn it. Don’t just let that place beat you down and give up before you start. No one is going to give us a happy ending Anita, especially not in that dimension. Promise me, if a peaceful life is what you want, you’ll try. You’ll try to find a way to get there with everything you have and more. Promise me.

If it means living in another dimension, then do it. If it means having Lee and Dino do something, then do it. If it requires another divine being, then do it. Do whatever it takes. Either way, I wish you the best with whatever path you decide.

All my love to you all, Monica.

Monica closed the letters, wiping her eyes a bit as put them away. She heard a female child voice.

“I’ll be right there!” Monica closed off her nigt stand and headed down the stairs.

She finally got what she wanted. There was no way but forward in her life now.
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